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We are extremely excited to start preparing for the 2020-2021 academic school year.  We are utilizing a new vendor for our uniform needs. Please know you are not required to buy the bottoms from Flynn O’Hara, however, the embroidered polos must be purchased from this specific vendor. 

Uniform Policy

Required Uniform
  • Orange, white or royal blue polo style shirts (long or short sleeve) with the CCA logo

  • Blue/khaki uniform pants or walking shorts (boys)

  • Blue/khaki skirts, skorts  or pants (girls) *** K-5 girls may wear walking shorts 

  • Tennis shoes or appropriate dress shoes may be worn if they coordinate appropriately with the uniform. Socks  must be worn.

  • No red polos are allowed anymore. 

Further Guidelines
  • Shirts must be tucked in at all times. If the pants/shorts have belt loops a belt must be worn. 

  • No jacket, unless it is a school approved letter jacket or team jacket, may be worn in the hall, cafeteria, or classroom.

  • Dress sandals with back strap for girls are permitted (no “flip-flops”) No sandals or "flip-flops" for boys. No Crocs for boys or girls.

Never Permitted
  • Attire that is revealing or immodest.

  • Attire that is not clean or is frayed or torn.

  • Attire judged by the administrator or principal as inappropriate.


There are multiple ways to order:

NOTE: use the website as a reference when you are buying bottoms from other stores


  • In store: 1121 Oakland Blvd Fort Worth, TX 76103 - phone: 817-292-5437

NOTE: limited hours due to Covid



Please order at your earliest convenience, as orders placed after July 15th cannot be guaranteed for the first day of school.  A downloadable version of this information is available HERE.