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Thank you so much for your interest. We partner with Christian parents to help students not only prepare for higher education, but for life. To become part of the CCA student body we ask for the following: 

Admission Policy

  1. Parents who enroll their children in Calvary Christian Academy should have a conviction that a Christian education is proper for their child.

  2. Acceptance of a student is based upon a good standing with the institution in which they are presently or were previously enrolled.

  3. The administrator personally interviews parents and students prior to admission to determine agreement with the philosophy, mission, policies, and standards of Calvary Christian Academy.

  4. Interviews are conducted by appointment after the student application has been completed and turned into the school administrator.

  5. In addition to a student application, evaluation forms will be sent to the student’s most recent administrator and a teacher. An evaluation form to be completed by a pastor, youth pastor, Sunday school teacher, counselor, or choir director will also be required of all students fifth grade and above. Students will not be tested for admission if he or she has had a standardized test from the previous academic year. Students in grades seven through twelve may be given a test in core courses to determine placement.

For questions or more information about admissions, contact us at